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Reviews From Our Customers

Started using this ink since I first started doing my crafting with eco solvent & it's a great ink colors show great, only one I've used!

Monika A

InkSol™ Eco-Solvent Ink

Came out perfect! Easy to work with! Quick turnaround, they quickly answered all my questions . Thank you again! Will be coming back!

Adriana Cantu

DTF on Demand Plus (11 Inches

These print beautifully and made weeding so much easier. The shipping was also fast!!

Courtney N. Jackson

InkSol™ Max Print Sheets

Prints are always exactly what I need every time!! Great turn around time and Iris is always friendly and knowledgeable. I'm so glad I found someone locally to get my prints from at great prices 😁❤️

Debbie Gonzalez

DTF on Demand Plus (11 Inches)

Great Service ! The gang sheet I ordered came out just how I needed it! Fast work and great results!


DTF Gang Sheets

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Direct To Film

Direct to film printing offers instant shirt creation by directly printing designs onto a clear film.

This film acts as a stencil, allowing for quick placement on a shirt and heat pressing. This streamlined process drastically reduces production time, making it an efficient solution for businesses seeking rapid customization.

With a simple heat press, vibrant and durable prints are achieved in minutes, making direct to film printing ideal for meeting tight deadlines and offering on-demand customization.

HTVMAX as a company runs all DTF jobs on InkSol™. We use their Inks, Films, and Adhesives. We love the Ink's Vibrancy and Durability. The Adhesive is strong and prevents most dye-migration. The Film is efficient and is perfect for those HD prints with precise lines.

Direct To Film Printing is the future, join us into the future of the crafting industry. Contact us so we can expand your knowledge on DTF.

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